Weekend Favorities


It’s been a long, exhausting week for sure. I’m trying my best to get used to the dark setting in before 5:00. Can we please get rid of Daylight Savings time? It’s unseasonably cold, which I normally don’t mind. It just takes some getting used to. We’re trying to plan out the weekends before the Holidays, party this and dinner that. And as much as I tell myself to take it one day at a time, it’s easier said then done.  Oh and yes, I will take some “whine” with my cheese! At least the weekend is looking up! A trip to The Barnhouse Brewery on Saturday and brunch with friends on Sunday (with cocktails, of course) will shake my pre-winter blues for sure.  Make sure this weekend you…

10 Marriage Tips Every Wife Needs to Know. This article is slowly making its way around the blog world. I’ve also seen a few links on Facebook to it this week, so I thought I would share for those of you who may have missed it. It’s in response to this article about marriage, also going viral. One thing about both articles, it’s also good life advice, not just for those that are married. Worth the read.

Lorde:Royals. Once again, not my typical jam but her voice is hauntingly beautiful. Out of New Zealand, her debut album Pure Heroine was released end of September in the US. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s unbelievably gorgeous with dark curls and big blue eyes! Girl crush!

Anthropologie Carissima Sheath Dress. I’ve been in love with this dress for months…months I tell you! The perfect lady-like length with lace and sheerness. It’s nothing but sexy, and I’m trying to devise a plan to get this into my closet as soon as possible. Maybe Santa will let me take out a loan and pay him back with Christmas money?! Fingers crossed!

Beer Cheese Soup. If you’re saving on calories, this is not your soup. No need to keep reading. If you want the perfect soup for eating beside the fireplace on the chilliest of November evenings and don’t mind a bit (haha) of cheese and cream, this is your soup! You’ve found heaven! This isn’t my husband’s recipe, but it looks just as delicious with three kinds of cheese and fresh herbs for garnish! We normally add some type of sausage or cheddarwurst instead of bacon, but if you’re going all out with three types of cheese, may as well add bacon too! At that point, calories are nonexistent, right?

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  • elle
    November 24, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    OH that dress is so dreamy!! And beer cheese soup sounds absolutely delish. I want some right NOW!