Steal Her TV Style: Dr. Zoe Hart


Ever since her O.C. days as Summer Roberts, I have always had a major girl crush on Rachel Bilson. She’s always been a style icon in my eyes, able to pull off boho glam just as easy as the classic and sophisticated. I caught up on Hart of Dixie over the summer, and while it’s a little cheesy and predictable, it’s a fun little show full of Dr. Hart’s New York City style up against the frills and flounce of the Alabama Southern Belles. There’s never a lack of hot clothes (and a few hotties!) to ogle each Monday night.

Dr. Hart’s signature style is her shorty shorts (comments about her apparel make up most of Season 1), and I even though I’m not a shorts fan at all, the show makes me want every pair. Tune in on the CW (I know, I haven’t watched it since Felicity and Dawson’s Creek either) and enjoy!





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