Home Decor: Spooky Halloween Mantle


Our fireplace mantle in the basement doesn’t get very much love when it comes to Holidays. Sure it sees its share of decorative stockings and twinkle lights come Christmas time, but other than that, I haven’t done too much with it. After a trip to our local dollar store, which is amazing by the way, I decide to create ourselves a spooky little mantle in celebration of Halloween. Easy, cheap, and we got to drink our fair share of wine. A win-win all around!

To create this look you’ll need:

+ A few bottles of wine (Just a tip, Australian wine labels are glued to the bottles with some super scientific, out of this world glue. I’d steer clear for this project only. Otherwise, it’s good wine!)
+ Black Flat Spray Paint
+ Tapered Candles
+ Creepy-looking cloth
+ Spiderweb
+ Mini pumpkins and gourds (my favorite!)
+ Ghost lights, Halloween banner – whatever you have to hang off the mantle!

I love how the black spray paint completely changed the entire look of the wine bottles. Snip the candles off at the right location to fit, but be conservative on cutting. Otherwise the candles will slip right into the wine bottle and become useless. I didn’t plan it, but the sepia-colored photos in this frame paired with the spiderwebs give it a freaky, house hasn’t been lived in for years, these pictures are beyond old look.  Spooky creation complete!









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