Wedding Inspiration: Antler Decor


I’ve always had a fondness for the rustic, outdoorsy type of decor. I’m not saying I want my own home to ooze the lumberjack/woodsman feel. But ever since I was little, I loved the way getaways to the real country felt, and most of those getaways were spent in a cabin (my family’s idea of camping). These days, my husband and I love to do the same. Except these cabins aren’t exactly what I would call roughing it by any means (my idea of camping; not necessarily my husbands!) These are your beautiful log homes with rich decor that isn’t country bumpkin country but more like Pendleton Woolen Mills country. Woolen blankets just longing for a snuggle. The stone fireplace in the corner begging to be lit. And the antler decor, which seems to be popping up everywhere these days! And I love it. Maybe it’s because when other kids were bringing in toys and dolls for show and tell, I was bringing in pheasant feathers and deer antlers from my dad’s hunting excursions. Maybe that’s why kids thought I was weird….

Anyhoo, I’ve noticed antlers popping up in wedding and reception decor for the past few years, and love that these ideas can be fully adopted into your own home decor! I think fall and winter is the perfect time to add these rustic, outdoorsy touches too into centerpieces for your Holiday dinners and draped with soft, twinkle lights.



Chandelier/Votive Holder/Sconce Set/Floor Lamp/Wreath/Pillow Covers/Book Holder/Stag Head

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