Recipes: Crockpot Homemade Apple Butter

I want to start this post off letting you know that no, these apples were not personally picked off any trees on a joyous fall day where I wore everything plaid in my closet. And no, there will be no pictures of me holding big bushels full of delicious apples, smiling and standing in an orchard somewhere. I’m not hating on apple picking in the fall! I think it’s one of the quintessential “must-do” fall activities. I’m just being real here – my husband was bitching at me that I’d better find something to do with all of the apples taking up space in the fridge or they were out-skies with the trash on Tuesday. Enter this bad ass apple butter…

This recipe is so easy, I’m telling you… My favorite kinds of cooking and baking involve me tossing something into the slow cooker and letting it work its magic, only needing to stir and taste-test every so often. Set it and forget it! Peeling and chopping the apples isn’t all that fun (especially not at 6:30 in the morning – no one should be allowed to handle a knife that early), but the upfront labor is worth it, trust me.

I adapted my recipe from this one. I fell in love with the apple pie spice when I whipped up these oatmeal pies, so I replaced the spices with it.

Crockpot Apple Butter


5 1/2 pounds of apples
1 cup brown sugar (original recipe calls for two but was recommended to use one cup)
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp apple pie spice (plus a little extra here and there after tasting throughout the day)
1/4 tsp salt


~ Peel, core and chop apples. Place into crockpot.

~ In a bowl mix the sugar, spices and salt. Pour over apples.

~ Cover and cook on high for one hour. Reduce heat to low and cook for 9-11 hours, stirring (and taste testing!) until mixture is thick and dark brown.

~ Uncover and cook one more hour. Using a whisk, smooth out the mixture if needed.

~ Eat and/or spoon into containers.




Pretty easy, yes? Now I did buy canning jars but didn’t have 5 1/2 pounds of apples, so I did not have enough to warrant the canning/water bath process. If you are going to make a good amount to use as gifts or freeze for later, I recommend you following this canning process to process the apple butter. See steps 8 & 9.

I’m planning on using a little bit in a pork chop recipe next week and gobbling it up over gluten free toast! Delicious!



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