Couple Stuff: A Lesson on Fate and Veritas Winery, Revisited


image via Terri Baskin Photography

Silly or not to some, I have always believed that people are in your life for a reason… for many, many reasons. And I firmly believe in fate. There are far too many coincidences that have happened in my life where I shake my head and think “Seriously, is this happening right now?” to not believe in it. Perfect timing, meant to be, yadda, yadda, yadda – I buy into all of it.

2013-10-16_003(pp_w670_h532)image via Terri Baskin Photography

The latest and by far most exciting example of this happened last week when my friend contacted me about a photography workshop being hosted by her most favorite wedding photographers, Justin and Mary.  Their bride and groom models couldn’t make the workshop, and they needed replacements ASAP. Where was this workshop being held you ask? In Afton, Virginia at Veritas Vineyard and Winery….the site of our wedding almost exactly three years ago.  Look I don’t consider myself a model by any means. I like to eat. But coupled with my husband, we apparently make those that photograph us pretty happy. And let’s be honest, the only thing running through my head at that very moment was “OMG, you have to be kidding me!?!? Go back to Veritas…in a wedding dress…and take photos with my husband almost exactly three years to thee date of our wedding?!?!? HOW FREAKING ROMANTIC CAN IT GET?!?!” I can assure you my husband was NOT thinking the same thing. His thought process went “What the %^&*((^ is she concocting up now?” (Enter image of me rubbing my hands together evil-ly with a sinister grin.)

2013-10-16_004(pp_w670_h532)image via Terri Baskin Photography

And by golly, it all worked out perfectly. The dress miraculously still fit (and was still a bitch and a half to zip up). The dream team of hair and make-up in Crozet, Face Value Studio,was able to fit me in and knock out an amazing wedding day look (complete with false eyelashes, my favorite).  The weather was perfect, and Veritas was as lovely as ever. The workshop attendees were fabulous (as is their photography), and meeting Justin and Mary was an incredible experience and has me inspired to take my own creative skill sets to the next level.  It. Was. Perfect. Just like it was three years ago. The only thing missing is my beautiful blonde hair. I need that back like yesterday…STAT!

KimBrundagePhotography_J&Mwkspimage via Kim Brundage Photography

Lucky, fortunate, blessed. All of those feelings were there that day (and really, every day).  Talk about a fairytale…

If you are a fan of wedding photography, you must follow Justin and Mary on Facebook. Some of the posts Mary puts up give me chills; I feel like she’s talking directly to me at times, getting me off my lazy ass and moving again when I’m stuck or not sure which direction to take. And of course there’s that dreamy photography to take in…

Here are a few more shots from the workshop attendees. I love seeing how beautiful and unique everyone’s style is…that’s one thing I love most about photography.  Kim and Terri are phenomenal artists!

1378192_448531108593122_254671584_nimage via Kim Brundage Photography

994948_447776988668534_93192788_nimage via Kim Brundage Photography


image via Terri Baskin Photography


image via Terri Baskin Photography

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