Weekend Link Round-up: Domino is Back!


This beautiful, fall weekend back in PA is going to be nothing but fabulous! Tonight the hubby and I are headed out tonight to watch some good ol’ high school football and see my daddy coach from the side lines! There is always a hole in my heart for high school football; growing up with a dad that coaches ensured we were at every. single. game. from the time we were “allowed” to attend. For my sister, my mom would make up all these crazy rules when she was very little that you had to be “This Age” to be allowed into the game. Funny that each year the age got higher!

Saturday afternoon we head into the beautiful Laurel Highlands to celebrate Autumnfest at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. Each weekend has a different theme, and the timing worked out perfectly for us to attend the Chili and Chocolate Weekend! Someone is going to have to roll me down that mountain to home…

And well Sunday…Sunday will be a day of football, relaxing and the most delicious pizza to ever be made on this planet. That’s right kids…Bud Murphy’s will be in mah belly.

Also don’t miss…
Domino Magazine is back on stands! Don’t forget to pick up your copy.

> Halloween is right around the corner! Are you having a pumpkin carving party? If so, Southern Living has 31 ideas that will put your skills to the test!

5 Ways to Wear a Leather Skirt, courtesy of the Glitter Guide. Don’t think you can pull it off? Think again!

> This cozy, pale gray sweater from H&M. I just want to wrap myself in its softness and wear it every single day.

> Berry Lips for fall, especially this glossy stain from Yves Saint Laurent in Pink Taboo.

> This list of Martha’s Favorite Fall Comfort Foods featuring four different Pierogi recipes! Embrace the calories!

> This story of a NY school banning recess over safety fears. I know I don’t have kids yet but isn’t falling off of a swing or getting hit by the kickball (uh…guilty) part of growing up?

> Don’t miss this morning’s post on how to layer up for fall! If you are in need of more fall inspiration, don’t miss my Fall and Winter Style Board.

Happy Weekend everyone!






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