Get Healty: Fall’s Superfoods


Every year as summer rolls into fall, I have this voice in the back of my head reminding me to keep eating well. With the most indulgent Holidays around the corner, it can be tough to listen. Sometimes like in the good ol’ Looney Tunes cartoons, I take that voice and flick it as far away as possible, digging into the worst possible thing I could eat at that moment. Minutes of Bliss? – YES! Forever on my Hips? – MOST DEFINITELY!

If you feel like indulging, it’s fine! But indulge in a healthy way, and bust into some of this fall’s healthiest foods! On their own, the below foods are extra-indulgent, turning sweet potatoes and pumpkin into rich, velvety soups that are extra healthy, whipping up a decadent apple dessert that won’t blow your daily calorie allotment and trading your usual mashed potatoes for the creamiest cauliflower “taters” topped with bits of bacon and cheese (I said bits! Everything in moderation!) – you can enjoy your food and eat well, I promise! These are my top six super foods for fall cooking and eating.



Do you get as excited as I do about using fall’s bounty in your daily cooking? If you’re in need of some recipe inspiration, please check out my Fall Super Food Pinterest Board! If you didn’t believe me initially about the multitude of ways to use cauliflower, you will be shocked and amazed! Most recipes are healthy and gluten free. Get eating!

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