Wedding Inspiration: Elegant Details


The ultimate wedding trend this fall? Elegance. However this isn’t over the top elegance, dripping with diamonds, glitz and glamor. This elegance is minimalistic, understated and classic. It’s honestly how I picture what I want my home to be – clean lines and neutral palettes paired with hints of decadence. Luckily for all of us, this trend of understated elegance can easily be incorporated anywhere in your home.



Dishes/Flatware/Candle Holders/Coasters/Dish/Lamp/Vases/Vanity Tray

The adorable zebra dish is numero uno on my list as we’ve been redoing our entire living room piece by piece with a slight safari angle, using our tapestry picked up in Zimbabwe as the inspiration! The great thing about most of these pieces is that they are so versatile and work for all seasons and holidays. I’m semi-kicking myself since I picked up gold flatware last year, but my heart is fluttering for the rose gold!

Main image via Once Wed

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