Recipes: Gluten Free Taco Pizza


The Taco Pizza. The most amazing creation ever, as far as I’m concerned. This recipe takes my favorite food ever, pizza, and my favorite type of food, mexican, and melds it into one delicious feast for the eyes and the tummy! Oh and it’s gluten free. Holler! Makes for one happy stomach!  I loosely use this pizza recipe for the base. And full disclosure, I do not make my own crust. I tried a few times. I failed each and every time. I’d rather leave it to the experts for now because Against the Grain makes one kick ass crust. It’s not chewy or doughy. You honestly cannot tell it’s gluten free. My pizza loving husband can’t tell it’s gluten free. Anyone we serve it to – yeah, not a clue. So, I stock up at Wegmans and keep them handy.

taco-pizza1The base is a mixture of refried beans and salsa. And it is delicious! It would make for a great dip on its own.


jls134The second layer mixes the tomato paste with spices. (I’m salivating as I’m typing and wishing I was having this for dinner tonite!)

jls135Top with ground beef and cheese! We’re oven ready! I cook the pizza based on the crust time and temp, usually leaving the crust in a few extra minutes for crispness.

jls136My husband is a big fan of Casey’s Taco Pizza. It’s a 7-11 like chain in the Midwest, and they top off their pizza with cheesy Doritos. I substituted some tortilla chips. It’s not a good idea to have Doritos in the house. 🙂

jls139The final product! This is one beast of a pizza. It has to weigh at least ten pounds, no joke.


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