Friend Stuff: Smile a Little Brighter


Spring is in the air! Can you feel it? After the weak attempt at snow this last week around DC, the temps are going to be in the 60’s the next few days. Glorious! And that means sunny, spring days and eventually long, summer nights are just around the corner!  Summer is even more exciting for me this year because one of my dearest friends is moving to Baltimore and will soon be my “neighbor”. Betsy and I met in college, and while we’ve been in and out of each other’s lives since that time, it never seems to matter. Each time we see each other, we pick up right where we last left off. It’s such a nice, comfortable and happy feeling. She’s that one person I never have to worry about being myself around. There is no judgement. We also share a love of blondes, wine, jack and diets and bad, reality television. It’s a perfect match, and I can’t stop smiling! I’m very excited she’ll soon be only one state away.I see a summer of vineyard visits and beach trips in our future!

So this week/ weekend I:

~ head to Charlottesville for my six-month beautification visit. And, I’m dying to be blonde again. Red has been fun, but I don’t exactly feel like myself…if that makes sense. Don’t worry. According to the love of my life, I still act like a blonde. *eye-roll*  Sadly, I can’t afford to be blonde right now due to the impending furloughs so I guess it’s red for a while longer.

~ thoroughly enjoyed my lazy snow day, snuggling with my husband and pups. As a kid, I loved snow days. Both my parents are retired teachers so snow days were always special. A home cooked breakfast was always followed by a car ride to find the perfect sledding hills. We’d come inside afterwards, skin burning from the cold and warm-up  with my mom’s hot cocoa. As an adult, snow days seem even sweeter. The night before I find myself doing the same snow dance (similar to Snoopy’s dance) and crossing my fingers for no work. On Wednesday morning, I whipped up the same type of breakfast my mom and dad used to make (one addition – spiked coffee!) and while there wasn’t any sled riding, the memories were with still me.

~ couldn’t help myself and picked up these cropped skinnies from Target. This is the first time I’ve tried their Fit “4”, a curvy-skinny fit. I must say, I’m impressed. Higher on the waist and a nice fit in the legs and waist. I’m a fan! Alas, I’ve already spent my March money. But I’m thinking I can stretch it a little bit to pick up a pair of these, on super sale!

~ will be starting to plan my mom’s visit at the end of the month. She’ll be here for Easter and for the Cherry Blossom festival. I’m hoping for good weather, walks around the beautiful Tidal Basin and many camera-worthy moments. Sometimes I have to stop and remember where I do live and how much there is to do and see. When you are in the burbs, you can forget easily.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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