This Weekend: Start Your Engines





So, I’m really exposing myself here. But I’m trusting you will withhold your judgement. While most of you will be getting glamorous for your Oscar parties this weekend and whipping up some Oscar-related bits and bites, I’ll be indulging my inner redneck. That’s right y’all! It’s time for the Daytona 500!

So yes, I do love the Oscars. And yes, I love the Oscar fashion like any other clothing/celebrity obsessed blogger out there. But this weekend, my heart belongs to NASCAR. I got into the sport in high school, kept up through college (even though at that time, you couldn’t get me to admit I even knew what NASCAR was) and found my way back via my husband, who is a Tony Stewart fan. I know, that probably means nothing to you. How about Danica Patrick? Hot Go Daddy chick? Ringing any bells?

Yeah, it gets kinda boring watching the races at home. But if you get the chance to actually go to a race, it might change your mind a little bit. We’ve been to a handful of races, including the Daytona 500 two years ago. I’ve shotgunned beers with Canadians in Charlotte. I’ve stayed in a tent in a random redneck’s yard in Richmond (I wouldn’t recommend that).   And, I’ve maybe, possibly fallen asleep in the stands during a super warm day in Delaware. I blame that on the beer!

On Sunday, instead of fancy Oscar cocktails and sophisticated appetizers, I’ll be drinking local beer from Corcoran Brewery and eating “Pit Road” Cheese Balls, “Red Flag” BBQ Meatballs and “Restrictor Plate” cookies. Recipes to come soon!

And instead of Oscar fashion, I’ll be obsessing over the ladies of NASCAR – which driver has a new girlfriend, who has the cutest racing outfit and which lady is about to go apeshit when someone wrecks her man. You want drama? The races really do have it all! Happy Weekend!

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