This Weekend: Adjusting My Sails


I had a really good week. It was productive in the office and at home. I’m finally settling into my new role at work. It requires me to completely step outside my comfort zone and is helping me develop my extroverted skills. I like being around people, but I’m quiet and shy. I like to listen. I’m not a big talker. Having to build relationships with others as the main part of my job is new to me. I’m used to sitting behind the computer all day; building relationships (other than getting to know ppl on a personal level) was secondary.  But, I’m really liking it. And, it’s challenging in more ways than one – a big win win for me. 

I got a jump start on laundry already (score!), and my workouts were more consistent. I even had a great hair day yesterday! I never make it four days without it needing to be up in a ponytail. Might sound boring to some, but sometimes, I’d take boring any day over the alternative. 

Well, I guess I was getting carried away with myself because as of yesterday, the game plan completely changed! Sails start adjusting! I’m being put onto another project effective Monday that has nothing to do with what I’ve been working on the past month. And this past month has been intense! Getting up to speed on something you know nothing about so you can take the reigns and start managing isn’t easy peasy. And, I’m somewhat sad. I liked these people I was meeting and working with. I get attached easily, what can I say. 

I think a few years ago, I would have fought this hard. No say in the matter? Well, meet my defiant side. But, I’m trying to be more open and to trust the process. I’m trying to adjust my mindset and be more flexible. Maybe I gained all I was going to in my new-old role this past month. I feel more confident. I’ve gotten better at talking to anyone about anything and meeting people. And, if I did all this growing in just one month, who knows what life has in store?! Oh yeah, and at the end of the day, I’m just thankful to be gainfully employed, especially right now. 

To keep my mind from worrying about stuff I can’t control (which I’m really good at!), this weekend I’ll be:

~ Enjoying DC restaurant week! The hubs and I will be lunching at this brewery/restaurantI’m very excited to try their beers!

~ Whipping up this delicious cake for Valentine’s Day! For the past six years, my husband has made both dinner and dessert for me for Valentine’s Day. This year, I’m treating him! It’s a big step. I don’t love love the kitchen. But I do love love my hubs!

~ Being lazy for the most part and catching up with the DVR! Confession… we just got a DVR. Like just last week got one. And, I think my worst fear is starting to come true. I thought we couldn’t get much lazier…but yes, yes we can.  Hell, it’s worth it to see Keri Russell back on TV. Have you seen the Americans? She’s still my ultimate favorite. I love her!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

image via Pinterest

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