This Weekend: Staying Positive


This week was composed of those types of events that cause you to ask the question “What the F$$$ is wrong with people?” Maybe it’s big cities, maybe it’s just the DC area…I’m not sure. But in the ten years I have lived outside of DC, I’ve met some of the nastiest, soulless, meanest people on the face of this planet. Maybe it’s the transient nature of this place; people move in and don’t want to get too comfortable because they won’t be here for long. Maybe it’s because this place breeds negativity with the terrible traffic, long commutes and competitive nature of doing whatever you can do to get ahead. Maybe people turn into soul-sucking creatures because they forget what’s really important, forget how to prioritize, forget how to tell their boss they can’t stay late because their children have a dance recital, baseball game, cub scouts. You have no idea how many parents I’ve worked around that stay at work just so they can be seen sitting in their seat rather than making it to something so much more important in the grand scheme of things. I guess I’d be pretty pissed off too if I sold out to that type of thinking.

And I get it; we have to have jobs. Sometimes those jobs ask more of us than we can handle. But you still have your own mind, your own thoughts, your own free will (I hope) to know right from wrong and the difference between what’s important in your heart and what can wait until tomorrow. I have a co-worker that used to say “We aren’t transporting human livers.”That email can wait until tomorrow.

So where am I going with this? I slipped and fell in the stairwell at work this week. Safety in terms of weather is not a priority where I work, and the stairwells, floors, you name it are always super slippery and dangerous. Well, I hit a slick spot and down I went along with all my crap. Stuff flying everywhere out of my bags. I’m crawling around trying to pick it up as my body was still trying to register the pain. Not one single individual stopped to help me. It’s actually worse…people stepped around me as I slithered all over the floor trying to grab my things. And while I know I shouldn’t be surprised, I’m still trying to comprehend what is wrong with people. What causes you to behave in that way? What has happened to you to blind you to people that need help?

This stuff has happened all throughout History, I get it. I have a heavy psychology background. I’ve heard the stories. And I see how it can happen. I see how life around you and the actions of others can harden you, can blind you, can keep you in your bubble where you don’t give a shit about anyone but yourself. I thank God everyday that he made me so resilient, that he gave me a terrible short term memory so I forgive and forget quickly. Because, I never want to be like the people in this area. It’s so very sad to me.

So to forget this week ever happened, this weekend I will be:

~ Getting a red-hair refresh at my amazing salon. I drive almost two hours one way for the mother fing rock star treatment. They do such a beautiful job. If you live close at all to Charlottesville (or want a beautiful drive to the most perfect place on earth aka Charlottesville), check it out.

~ Starting to plan our fall trip to France! A few days in Paris. A few days driving around French Wine Country. I’m already in love. If you have any tips, I would be more than grateful for them!

~ Stopping at this beautiful place, which is also why I don’t mind driving two hours away, to try some of their newly released wines. My heart soars every time I step onto these special grounds. Best way ever to get rid of the baggage from this week!

~ Stuffing my face with my husband’s amazing smoked meat. Get your mind out of the gutter!! I know what you’re thinking! 😉 He picked up a smoker after Christmas and OH. MY. GOSH. I’m in love! I’m trying to get him to start a blog of the recipes he’s been using and the smoking process. He is missing his calling as a chef.

Have a lovely weekend kitties, and remember there are crappy people everywhere. Sometimes it takes a bit more effort to find some of the good ones. Stay positive. That effort is worth it, believe me!

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