I’m Smitten: Wedding Dogs


You know I love my furbabies here at Happily Ever After the Wedding. My husband and I made sure the babies were not only part of our engagement photos, but also a part of our wedding day. The ladies were my “flower pups”, and Brody was “ring security” aka the ring bearer. They were also featured prominently atop the cake! Best keepsake ever from the wedding. 

And, we aren’t alone in this crazy love of our pets. We aren’t the only ones who picked a venue mostly so the pups could share in our day or the only couple that had the pups walk down the aisle with our family. Wedding Dogs officially launched this week, and you can share in those special moments where other couples chose to include their furbaby family into their big day (or as quoted from the blog “Holy Muttrimony!”) or get tips for including your four legged family into your wedding day. 

So, I’m super excited about checking in each day. I love to see the creative ways couple choose to celebrate with their pets! And, later in the year, my own furbaby family will be featured on the blog! I will keep you posted! Also, if you can’t get enough from the blog, you can preorder  what will most definitely be a must-have table top book for wedding and dog lovers alike!

Check it out and if you have your own furbabies to feature, make sure you submit your story!

image via Wedding Dogs

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