Recipes: Do You Fondue?

I’ve always had the image of fondue being this sexy experience for free spirits that said “The heck with dinner – let’s fondue!” A pot had been on my wish list for a while, and thanks to a White Elephant gift exchange this past Christmas, I rolled home with a cute, little Pier One set. It’s perfect for cheese and chocolat (i.e. Johnny Depp). Go ahead, click on the link. If it distracts you from the rest of this post, well, I’m totally OK with that. I may or may not have gotten sidetracked searching “Johnny Depp images” myself!

I picked up a variety of goodies for dipping from Whole Foods – French Bread, Salami, Apples, Broccoli and Baby Carrots.


I grabbed two kinds of apples just for kicks. I wanted to see how the more tart, green apple paired with the cheese as compared to a sweeter red one. My preference? Always the tart.


I can’t say my husband was thrilled for dinner to consist of a big bowl of melted cheese paired with tiny bites. He’s a meat and potatoes man. So to get him excited about the night, we paired our fondue with Goose Island’s Sophie. Sophie is a Belgian-style ale aged in wine barrels with citrus infusion. If you like Champagne, this is the perfect beer for you to try. It is Champagne-like in color, taste and experience. It was the perfect pairing for the fondue, slightly carbonated with a sweet, dry finish. Oh yeah, and instead of it being all romantic, we watched football. You can’t win them all!


My husband and I were quite shocked at how much a bag of “fondue cheese” really is – $13.00 for cheese?! If there’s a better way to do this, please fill us in! The cheese was melted on the stove, with 3/4c of The Crossings Sauvignon Blanc. We just finished the rest of the bottle last night with dinner. Very tart on the finish. Very tasty!


I was pleasantly surprised the tiny tea light under the pot kept the cheese melted perfectly throughout the evening.


I’d be lying if I said I stuck to only the veggies. My favorites for dipping were definitely the sausage and the bread. Delicioso! I may have felt a tad disgusting afterwards, but it was worth it! The night would have only been better if the Steelers had made it into the postseason.  So, do you fondue?! Please share!

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