This Weekend: Embracing the Unknown


Happy Friday! It was a loooooong five days, let me tell you. The first full week back after a nice, long vacation is always rough, whether you love what you do or not. This week was especially poignant for me because it was my last week of work in my current position. As things in life come to an end, I have always been someone that enjoys reflecting back on the journey – What did I gain from this experience? What did I learn about myself? What baggage do I need to leave at the end of this road to start my new journey free and open to possibility? What do I need to focus on improving to make this new beginning more amazing than the last? A little deep? Well….yes. But all important steps, I feel, in the process of embracing the unknown and the changes taking place.  And, I want to get it out of my system before my weekend begins so I can give some of the baggage from this job a big ol’ heave-ho and really, really enjoy my afternoon margarita! I might even pull out the Snoopy dance. I don’t know; we’ll just see how easy those margaritas go down! I start a new job on Monday, hurray!

What else does the weekend have in store?

A little trip to this beautiful vineyard to, are you ready for this, sit outside in Virginia…in January…it’s going to be 60 frickin’ degrees and sunny! Yayayayay!

Getting my first day of work outfit ready and picking up some new work supplies! For me, it really is like the first day of school. Outfit picked out. Up early to make sure every hair is in place. New notebooks, pens and a planner. I think I missed my calling as a teacher.

Organizing my crafting supplies. It can’t all be fun and games right? There has to be some work. Currently everything lives in one giant tub. I’m hoping to pick up something like this so I’m not making myself crazy trying to find my glitter or washi tape!

If you’re on the East coast, enjoy your weekend of record warmth! Make sure you get outside and soak in that sunshine!

image via i heart inspiration

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