Recipes: No Bake Peanut Butter Cup Pie


I apologize for posting this right as you are getting back into your fitness routine, filling half your plate with greens and veggies and skipping dessert in favor of that sugar free pudding cup. But this pie is calorie splurge worthy, and you can whip it up in no time. Full disclosure, I made this for the hubs this past weekend. I keep saying his super fast metabolism that allows him to eat peanut butter pie (and cheetos and dill pickle chips and skittles and..well you get the point) whenever the mood strikes will catch up to him someday, but really, I think I’m just jealous that one, he can eat whatever he wants and two, it doesn’t help my lack of willpower to have any type of dessert, let alone a peanut butter one, in the house! If I have to eat half a plate full of broccoli and skip dessert, dammit, he does too!

But it is delicious. I allowed myself to have half a piece, and it may be the best thing I have ever made in my life. I followed this recipe, and while I really don’t like using cool-whip anymore, I must admit it wouldn’t be the same without it. The pie filling was fluffy with decadent morsels of Reeses cups in every peanuty-butterybite. The crust stayed together perfectly, adding just enough chocolate to peanut butter ratio. Make it, enjoy a piece and take it your co-workers/boss/significant other so you won’t have a Miranda, Sex and the City moment with the brownies. It’s worth it for just one piece.


The pie crust recipe I used called for Chocolate Graham Crackers, but I haven’t seen those around me for a year or two. So, Chocolate Teddy Grahams to the rescue! Also, I always need to use extra, melted butter to hold the crust together. This time I just manned up and used almost a full stick. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but it never works any other way for me. I baked the crust for 10 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees and put it in the fridge while I whipped up the rest.


While the crust is cooling, first mix together:

1 package of cream cheese to room temp (much easier to mix this way – no lumps!)
1/2c sugar

Then blend in:

1c peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla extract

Fold in the cool whip and pieces of Reeses PB cups (12 chopped), pour mixture into the crust and BOOM! You are done! Alls ya need to do is put it in the fridge for a little bit before digging in!


Oh, and I had some extra helpers in the kitchen (per usual). If the furbabies hear the cutting board come out, they drop whatever they are doing, no matter where they are in the house, and fly into the kitchen at top speed. So just like any mamma would do, my kids got to lick the peanut butter spoon! (well, maybe like my mamma would do…do kids get to lick the bowl anymore?)


Cute helpers yes? And in case you don’t remember that scene from Sex and the City, here’s a reminder. I’m telling you, I reference this episode time and time again.

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