This Weekend: Time to Pamper


After two weeks off from work, these past three days have been torture. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but the longer I am gone from work, the harder it is for me to return. While I do much better mentally, physically and emotionally when I’m in a routine, I can honestly tell you that I hate it. I rebel against it. I loathe it. I think it goes back to this post and my issues with consistency. A routine requires you be consistent, and well, it’s just not my favorite thing in the world. Those two weeks, for the most part, were glorious! The only thing that was routine was feeding the furbabies. But since being back, I have forced myself to jump back into the old routine as quickly as possible. I guess it’s like anything that’s good for you – exercise, vegetables, getting enough rest. Sometimes it’s easier to sit on the couch, eat chocolate and stay up way past your bed time. Actually, that sounds really good, doesn’t it?!

So this weekend will be time to pamper, relax and recharge from the Holidays. Both the Hubs and I have wondrous massages scheduled for Saturday (a surprise Christmas gift!), and I cannot wait!  I love massages more than anything.

Some other things I’m loving this first week of January.

~ Extra, long Friday morning snuggles and rolling in a teensy bit late to work.

~ Celebrating my Gabby Girl’s birthday this Saturday!

~ My new Melody Beattie Daily Meditation Book. The book is set up in a day format, with daily affirmations and meditations for all 365 days of the year. The meditations are only a few paragraphs and discuss topics from Trusting Your Heart to Mapping Your Own Journey. I love reading the daily passage and reflecting on how I deal with the topic of hand in my own life. I take a few peaceful minutes in the morning when I get to work, pour myself a warm cup of tea and dig in! What I love about the passages – they aren’t self-helpy, more reflective and thought provoking, which is a pretty great way to start a New Year.

~ The fact that this pretty number and these delicious heels are on their way to me!

~ The sweet gift of Puerto Rican eggnog, called  Coquito, made by my co-worker. It’s sweet, tasty and ever so strong (in a good way!). A tiny bit over ice has been the perfect ending to each day this week. I’m trying to savor the goodness!


Have a lovely weekend!

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