Let’s Talk: Resolution Time


I hope you all had a fabulous New Years Eve! I had to hang up my sequins this year, unfortunately, and instead got to party with my sweats, kleenex box and cold meds! It was a rip roaring good time, let me tell you! 2013 can only go up from here!

So, did you make any New Year’s resolutions? (cough, cough). Let me clarify. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions you will stick to? It’s tough, yes? I know, we all start off the year with the greatest of intentions. However, I almost always set myself up for failure from the beginning. “I am going to run 3 miles each day, 7 days a week!” Yep, see what I did right there? I can’t even run 3 miles! So this year, I’m starting small. I’m giving myself room to improve and grow in lots of areas. Starting small doesn’t mean you have nothing to work on; rather, I believe it allows for more fulfillment in your accomplishments. And it helps with that nasty word a lot of us hate – consistency. Consistency is a key component to growth and change. And, it’s where I have the most trouble, usually because I’m trying to fix too many things at once or tackle a mountain instead of first working on the molehill. 

So these are my New Years affirmations and resolutions. A few I’ve already started working on in 2012, and I hope to improve and grow from there. A very wise friend reminds me from time to time that change will always be multiple steps forward and a few back. It’s that forwards-backwards cycle that leads to growth and change. So think of those steps back as growth areas, not failures! As hokey as it sounds, positive thinking does help. And this is coming from a tried and true pessimist! 

Here they be!

Are there areas of your life you want to work on this year?!

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