Sweet Snaps: It’s a Midwest Christmas




1. The three furbabies wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. (They now have an Instagram! Follow furbaby3 here!

2. Sequins & Snowmen on Christmas Eve!

3. A super sparkly merry mani.

4. Rockin’ my new beanie from redneck paradise, aka Cabelas!

5. Kizzy back to her South Dakota roots and refusing to come inside from the snow.

6. A killer South Dakota sunset coupled with cotton-ball clouds.

7. The most amazing Christmas Eve, cozy cocktail ever – the Snowdrift!

8. My manly Hubby in my favorite winter hat.

9. The Campbell barn, from the 1800s, during the most beautiful snowfall.

10. A double dose of Doberman with Gwen and Cali!

11. Smiling now, but not so smiley later after a Midwest blizzard diverts us West and adds 6 additional hours to the trip! 

12. Still my most favorite Christmas ornament of all time from Paloma’s Nest

Just a peek into our South Dakota Christmas! We just made it back to VA today, and not only are we exhausted but we’re both a bit under the weather. Our time with my husband’s family was great, but it went by in a flash. Stay tuned for the obligatory New Years post later this week! Want more gripping Midwest action? Feel free to catch up here!

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