This Weekend: Bundled Up!

image via All Things Elegant

Happy Friday! Ummm…so…it’s cold here in South Dakota! The days aren’t too bad but the nights are down right freeeeezing! Please send warm thoughts my way. Moving to VA has turned me into a big, damn baby when it comes to the cold. I used to laugh in the face of winter growing up in PA. My sister and I would stay outside for hours sledding, building snowmen, making snow angels, shoving snowballs into one another’s faces until someone screamed. Our skin would be so cold it would itch, burn and be just about frostbitten all at the same time. We’d come inside, take a hot shower, and mom would have hot cocoa waiting for us. Oh, the good old days! 

These are some of my favorite “bundled-up” images from Pinterest. Some of them are just too cute! Enjoy and Happy Christmas Party Weekend!

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

image via Better Photo

image via Rue

image via Lived Well

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