Monday Pinspiration: Holiday Road Trip

holiday road trip winter fashion

Happy Monday everyone! It was a busy weekend around here with lots of cooking, baking and booze making! We planned on taking some sweet outfit photos on Sunday, but it ended up cold and rainy.  And honestly, when I’m not going to leave the house, there’s a slim to none chance of getting me out of my Sunday bum around the house clothes. 

I also started working on my packing list for South Dakota! We leave next Tuesday already! The Hubs is from SD (think Mount Rushmore, not Fargo!), and we are headed back for a good, solid week in order to spend the Holidays with his family. Oh yeah, and we’re driving…with the furkids! Road trip here we come! We are taking our time, stopping in Indianapolis on the way out and spending a day in Chicago (I’m so excited, I don’t care how cold and windy it might be!!) on the way home. I’m praying for snow, of course, since I think it will be my best chance for even some flurries this year. These 50 and 60 degree days in the DC area aren’t going to bring me another Snowmageddon! 

These are a few of my favorite winter-inspired Pinterest images that I’m planning on adding to my packing list. You can find these and more cozy, winter pinspiration on my Fall-Winter board!

All images via Pinterest

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