Furkid Fridays: A Boy’s Best Friend

I love my furbabies. Until it’s time for baby popping, my three kiddos mean the world to me, so I wanted to add their adorableness to the blog on the regular. This guy here, my baby Brody, is currently curled up on my lap, wrapped up tight under a blanket panting like a maniac because he has serious issues with temperature control. But the fact that at five years old still comes up to lay on my lap around 8:00 like clockwork melts this fur mama’s heart! 

Besides his mommo (of course), his one true love is playing ball. His ball is his security blanket, kinda like Linus from the Peanuts. He carries one with him everywhere he goes. He has to have it. He’s also an incredible athlete. The hubs and I always joke if he wasn’t just a tiny human in a furry suit, he’d be the All-Star jock with a soulful side who was also the star of the school play. Yeah, you may be thinking “Major Weirdos!” but I know you not only think up stories like this for your pets, you make up silly songs about them too. I know you do! 

These are some of my favorite Brody-in-action shots. He’s such a little studmuffin, and he’s actually famous!

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