Currently Coveting: Cheetah! (and more)


That is Cheetah cubs from the National Zoo!! (that aren’t really cubs anymore but still so cute!) So sorry, I know….I tricked you! You were thinking an amazing Cheetah print something or other, but I tell you, Cheetah cubs…way, WAY better. I mean, look at those adorable faces. In the second photo on the left, the one cub was staring down a 6th grader…hard. I think someone was hungry for a little snackie. 

And it keeps getting better, yes? Giant Pandas! We rolled up on Tian Tian (the male) dozing away in the Washington DC sunshine. While you were back in bed from your early morning, hardcore, Black Friday shopping, I was enjoying great DC weather AND watching a lazy Panda nap. And then about 30 minutes later, I got to watch Tian Tian scratch his Panda butt for about 10 minutes as he was waking up. Don’t be jealous. You got half priced booties. I got a Panda doing unspeakable things to his bootie! I win!

Mei Xiang (the female) was chowing down on some morning bamboo deliciousness. Check out some of those chompers! 

I know, this last collage is a random mix of zoo animals, but it’s really just a pretty doggy and two pretty big kitties! Actually, these guys are some of my favorites – the Gray Wolf, Sumatra Tiger and the King! Definitely a few of the prettiest animals in the zoo. Just count yourself lucky we missed the 2:00 PM “Meet the Naked Mole Rat” show. Or, this post might have gone downhill real fast! And I didn’t include any snake photos. I don’t want my mom or mother-in-law choking to death on their breakfast. Because, I know they love and read this blog everyday!! 🙂 Hi Moms!

And here we all are! We had a great time at the zoo – no crowds and plenty of time to wander around and check out most every animal. Great way to spend Black Friday!

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