Gift Guide – For the Foodie


I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day! I know the last thing you want to do today is think about food after your tasty Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner and pumpkin pie. Hopefully you came up for air and didn’t gorge too much! But, since delicious food is fresh on your mind, what better day to pick up a few gifts for your food lover, master chef or wine and cheese connoisseur?! 

I love fun kitchenware! These colorful bowls from Furbish Studio and measuring spoons from Anthropologie fit the bill.  The pops of color will brighten any kitchen and actually make you want to whip up something tasty!

We eat very healthy in our house, but our two biggest vices are wine and cheese. I’ve put this Cheesemongers cookbook on my list, featuring recipes from appetizers to main courses that feature a variety of cheeses.  Have a cheese lover in your life? Pick up this book!

Foodies image via Being A Beautiful Mess

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