Gift Guide: For the Fitness Buff


For the fitness buff, the yoga enthusiast, the marathon runner. For the CrossFit lover and the weightlifter. These items make the perfect gifts for your workout bud!

Have you ever tried to run with both ear buds in your ears AND ear warmers on top? Very uncomfortable! More than likely, the ear bud falls out, requiring you to fiddle with not just the earbud but the ear warmers. For someone like me that requires great concentration to run, at this point I throw in the towel. So, to have both your headphones and ear warmers in one…a runner’s dream!

When I did CrossFIt, this roller was my saving grace. It would soothe my aching thighs and tush from tabata squats and make my lower back feel brand new. The word magical is the only way to describe how you feel after a good session with the foam roller. No matter the fitness level, any fitness buff experiencing soreness from a workout would benefit and feel great!

Take the guess work out of your workout with FitDeck. You receive a set of cards with different workouts, yoga poses, weightlifting guides. There is even a deck for the office to get your eyes off the computer for a while and do some stretching. Perfect gift for your cube mate or boss!

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