Recipes: Tomato Tea

Image via SparkPeople

It’s getting to be that time of year. The change in the weather, the below freezing nights, the wind whipping outdoors – the perfect combination for feeling under the weather. I tend to be pretty lucky when it comes to getting sick. Colds or the flu don’t normally get me down and out, but icky sinus stuff does. This past Tuesday the head pressure was more than I could take, so I whipped up my friend Kim’s “Stop any illness in its tracks” Tomato Tea

It’s a pretty simple recipe. You can use the one above or create your own with what you have in house. I use tomato soup and dump as much garlic, cayenne and hot sauce in it as I can take. The spicy home remedy hasn’t failed me yet! Keep this recipe in your back pocket for any early signs of sickness, and stop it head on!

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