Currently Coveting: Anthropologie’s Fanciful Collection


“Soft be the moonlight. Bright be our dreams.”

Oh Anthropologie, you continue to out do yourself with each monthly catalog! I’m really a romantic girl at heart. And while I love my leather and spiky bracelets, my heart really belongs to ruffles, bows, tulle, glitter, sequins, lace, fur…should I keep going?!

Every month is bittersweet for me when the catalog arrives. I know I’m going to covet everything in it. I also know on my current budget, I really cannot afford anything in it. So as it goes each month the catalog arrives, I finish everything I have to do around the house so I can relax, pour myself a glass of vino and curl up on the couch, pup or two in the lap, and settle in with latest goods.

And this month? This month is GOOD! This month takes my breath away. This month makes me want to wear my hair in its naturally curly state (usually in complete disarray like the chick in the catalog), set up a fake snow machine in my living room and deck myself in sparkles and super soft knits, twirling around in that falling snow with a fox buddy by my side. I’m serious. I want to do this. And I want to do this wearing any and all of my favorites from the new catalog below. 


The Plumes Kimono Midi Dress combines my favorite color with my favorite sleeve with my favorite dress length. Perfection!


The mix of sparkles and tulle on the Paillette Flutter Dress sends my heart all a flutter! I’m crushing on this beauty hard.


The Downy Collar Cardigan looks so comfy and cozy. I want to wear it with everything I own and never take it off.


The back of the Scoopback Maxi Dress will show off that killer upper back, give you room to eat a few extra sugar cookies and come on, it has pockets!


I’m loving the brocade trend and the Goldleaf Cocktail Dress nails it for the Holidays.


The Nipped Brocade Dress is a sassy little number with sparkle. You will not be alone under the mistletoe in this dress! I have my eye on this one too.

Does Anthropologie drive you crazy like it does to me? Check out the ‘fantastical’ collection and let me know which item you’re coveting!

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