Currently Coveting: Fall Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

Every fall, just like the trees spice up their leaves, I get the urge to change up my hair, usually just throwing in some darker blonde highlights. But for the past two years, I have been craving a big change…a red change! I let myself be talked out of it last year, my stylist fearing I would run myself to the nearest Walmart to pick up bleach and peroxide and concoct my own blonde formula. But this year, this year I am ready! I’ve been blonde since sophomore year of high school, and I do love being blonde. I will most likely be blonde for the rest of time. But this fall, for at least a little while, I want to liven things up! I know all about what red does to your hair, how hard it is to get red out of your hair, how the color fades. But I don’t care!

Courtesy of Pinterest, these are the red shades I am leaning towards. I also went to TAAZ Virtual makeover and played around a bit to get a better feel of how I could rock the red. With green eyes and my paler skin, I think it’s a no brainer to give it a try! Pics to come!

Have you been craving a color change, too?

All images from Pinterest.

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