Currently Coveting: Fall Getaways


In two days, the hubs and I are packing up the furkids and heading out to the Smokey Mountains for an early, pre-anniversary trip over Columbus Day weekend. We are staying at a gorgeous, remote cabin that has amazing views of the mountains, promises of seeing Yogi and Boo Boo (the black bear neighbors) and most importantly, a hot tub for soaking the weary woes of the world away.  It’s not going to be as chilly as I would like it to be during the day, but I’m still planning on packing my favorite fall gear just in case.  Fisherman’s sweater? Check! Destroyed denim? Check! Boots, booties and my moccs? Check! Check! and Check! I might end up roasting like an over dressed lumberjack, but I’ll be dressed in this fall’s finest no doubt! 



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