Real Weddings: Budget Bride


Weddings are expensive little devils. I know personally as my husband and I poured quite a bit of our own dinero into our special day.  In order to save as much as possible in various areas, making sure the bulk of our cash went towards location, food and photography, my wedding was full of DIY details and penny-pinching here and there. The day was beautiful and even more special with all the personal DIY details. I figured this was the best time to share some of my money saving tips for creating the perfect day.

Rent the Runway


Hubs and Myself in Robert Rodriguez, H&M Jacket, Target Tights, Citrine by the Stones Earrings

First up, Rent the Runway is the perfect place for wedding accessories and attire. You have your pick of beautiful designer accessories and dresses to rent for a specific period of time. I used Rent the Runway for my rehearsal dinner dress, accessories and my bridal accessories. I was tired (so was Hubs) of buying a dress for a special occasion when I knew I would more than likely never wear it again. And, we had already invested enough in the wedding.



At that time, RTR was just getting started, so the selection wasn’t as fabulous as it is now. You have more options today, from bridesmaid dress options to a variety of more casual wedding dresses.


Sequin Bold Pearl Medallion Bracelet (so gorgeous in person)

You can rent two sizes at no extra cost, to ensure you find the perfect fit. And, you can almost always find an online coupon code, making this deal even sweeter!




For everything I didn’t make myself, Etsy was my go-to spot. Etsy, which I’m sure most of you know, is the most incredible site full of independent designers creating anything and everything you can think of needing. When I had an idea of something, I’d hit up the Etsy search and see if it existed. Wah-la! It usually did! Another nice thing? Most of the designers aren’t trying to increase the cost just because you said “wedding”. The prices are great, and if you plan on ordering multiple items, you can almost always negotiate a lower cost – whether on the items or shipping. Everyone I worked with over Etsy was so pleasant and personable. It was truly a great experience.


100 Layer Cake Marketplace


I didn’t know about the 100 Layer Cake Marketplace until after my wedding when I decided to sell some of my items. The brides selling on this site have had some of the most creative and lovely weddings I’ve ever seen. You can really find anything that you need. I think sold almost everything I put on the site – you never know what other brides are out there looking for! Another nice feature is the forum where you can post if you are looking for something. Vendors or sellers can “bid” on your requests, and you can choose the price that works best for you! Plus the blog 100 Layer Cake is filled with some of the loveliest wedding images around. If anything, it’s the perfect site for a little wedding inspiration!

Just in searching for this post, I came across so many other sites out there now like The Recycled Bride, Emmaline Bride, Bride to Bride Boutique…you can definitely have the wedding of your dreams on a budget!



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