Home Decor: Creating an Outdoor Sanctuary

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One of my favorite parts of our home is the fantastic deck space. My husband and I live in a townhouse, so outdoor space is hard to come by. The previous owners must have felt the same way because they ripped out the poor excuse for a deck and re-built a beauty. I’m sad to say for almost five years we had an old outdoor table from Sears (completely rusted and busted after that amount of time) and my hubby’s best bud, his grill.  That was it….unacceptable!

This Spring I set out to turn the space into a relaxing, outdoor sanctuary –  a place to unwind from the snarling DC-area traffic and even snarlier DC-area inhabitants. A place to chill while the furbabies bob for treats and play ball in their furkiddie pool.  A place to enjoy an afternoon or sunset cold one.  Sounds relaxing, yes?

First up in the creating the space? Furniture! I wanted the deck to have a relaxing, peaceful feel to it full of cozy cushions in a bohemian style. We hardly ever sat outside at our table, partly because humidity in the summer is unbearable here.  I wanted us to love this space so much that the idea of being inside on a 90 degree day was deplorable.   We’ll sweat it out with a drink in hand! Attack of the mosquitos? Who cares?!? After evenings of online searching, I came across the perfect set at Home Depot. It came with deep red cushions and included pillows. Good ol’ Martha Steward strikes again!

Second? Flowers and greenery.  I’ve never been the greatest with plant care, even though I’ve been told a green thumb runs in the family. However, every time I visualized the space, it had to be surrounded by flowers and plants. Take note, low light options for plants and flowers are not plentiful. The desire for tall palms and bright flowers turned into impatients and hostas. But, I love them. Love, love, love them!


Last and most important? Little touches and accessories to bring the space together.  A twist on Moroccan was my choice. In the beginning I saw big, cozy poufs for seating along with brightly colored garden stools. Unfortunately an endless budget I did not have. Instead, I chose to focus on the lighting options, picking up hanging votives, candle holders, lanterns and a Moroccan-themed rug to tie the space together.


I’m so happy with how it turned out, poufs and stools be damned! It’s my favorite spot for weekend reading and my hubby’s go-to for an evening cigar. The perfect outdoor sanctuary. Cheers!


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