Currently Coveting: Style Outside the Box


I’ve always said, it’s all in the details. While I love bringing home a new dress or unwrapping a delicious pair of heels, accessories, for me at least, are really where it’s at. Key pieces are necessary to bring your outfit together. And we aren’t talking just any accessories here. I’m always on the lookout for unique pieces – a bracelet, ring or scarf you cannot find anywhere else. A piece that brings with it a story. Something one-of-a-kind. 

It’s fitting that I came across Style Outside the Box, an online site offering just what I’ve always looked for when it comes to accessories – high quality, unique pieces created by talented, independent designers. Style Outside the Box offers a wide range of goodies from home decor, clothing, jewelry and even children’s items. We’re talking a major find here!

I decided to dig in to the jewelry section and came across some amazing bracelets I would love to have stacked up my arm. When it comes to bracelets, I want them chunky! I’m talking double-stuffed chunk here. I like my bracelets fat and thick; the bigger the bauble, the better! 

The first beauty that caught my eye? The Feroza Snake Cuff. This bracelet is a marriage of my two favorites – turquoise and leather – all wrapped up into one delicious cuff! Boho chic at it’s best, I envision throwing on this baby with some cut-offs, boots and hitting the road on a sticky, summer night for loud, live music and cold drinks. 

Feroza Snake Cuff – $125.00

The Three Stone White Cuff, made with sono wood and resin, is that perfect accessory to give any outfit an earthy-vibe. I’m drawn to this cuff because it reminds me of the jewelry from South Africa. I want wear this with a long, flowing dress, head off to the beach, barefoot, and take in the sunset.

Three White Stone Cuff – $215.00

With the Bestie Jewel Bracelets, jump on trend with bracelet stacking, matchy-matchy not required. The cool thing about Bestie? The bracelets are made from a combination of jewels, leather and hardware store supplies! Talk about one tough chick! These bracelets were made to give your more feminine, delicate outfits a bad-ass edge. 

Bestie Jewel Bracelets – $45.00

The above is just a small sampling of what Style Outside the Box has to offer, so do yourself a favor and take time to comb through the array of items available. Something is bound to strike your fancy!  You can see more of my favorite items on Pinterest!

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