Pups: Meet the Furbaby Family

(One of our engagement photos, taken by Simply Bloom Photography)

It’s a known fact that Monday mornings are the worst.  You hit the snooze a few times, stumble into the shower, and if you’re me, reluctantly head for the rat race. (Sidenote, I’m happy to be employed, don’t get me wrong. I’m just not so passionate about good ol’ IT anymore…or was I ever?) 

As I lay between snoozes, rehearsing in my head the usual Monday morning speech, I usually have a soft, dozing pup-pup snuggled into my nook.  This is when I remember while Mondays may be awful for me, there’s three little furbabies that hate Monday even more.  My husband and I spend as much time on the weekends with our furkids as we can. We even have our “Snuggle Sunday” routine that involves extreme laziness, tube watching and intermittent naps. Our three babies are a huge part of our family, and we consider ourselves so very lucky for our three dog family. 

I’m sure you’ll be seeing and hearing lots about them, so let me introduce the kiddos!

The Great One. Gabrielle Von Bonihauffen. Gabby Bonitez. The oldest and wisest of the furkids. She rules the roost with a quiet confidence. Sometimes sassy and always sweet, she lives for belly rubs, charlie bears and snuggling in bed.  Don’t forget to apply many kisses to her kissy-spot on the top of her precious pup-pup head.

Brod Pone. Fat Man. Pone Bonerson. While Brody may appear the most vicious with his low, rumbling gruffs, he is and will always be, the baby of the bunch. Pone lives to play fetch with his favorite blue ball and will go non-stop for hours on end. One look into his soulful, brown eyes and you’ll be spooning him in no time! Just be prepared for some stink breath….

Miss Kizzers. Kamikaze. !$#!$%!. Miss Kizz is the new kid on the block. All the way from South Dakota, Kizzy brings her fiesty attitude and stubborn ways. Appearing to most to be the tough cookie of the group with her frequent nose and toe nips, she can snuggle and nuzzle with the best of them.

As I write this, they already have the Monday evening blues. Looks like we’ll do it all over again tomorrow!



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