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I’ve had the same eyeglass frames for almost seven years, replacing the lenses with every prescription change. They are well-worn and well-loved and well past their prime.  After some Pinterest searching for “geek chic” and “eyeglasses my husband will most definitely scoff at”, I came across Mezzmer, an online store offering sunglasses, designer and prescription eyeglasses. Yep, just what I was looking for.

Mezzmer says glasses “tell a part of your story; they’re a fashion statement, a part of your persona, a unique signifier of who you are.” The eyeglass options are endless, for both men and women. Mezzmer will even send you five pairs of frames, your choice, to try on in the comfort of your home. Ship them back within five days for free! Sweet, right?! Even better, when you decide to purchase your new glasses, Mezzmer will donate three percent of the total price to the charity of your choice – Hellen Keller International, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Animal Welfare Institute, Action Against Hunger/ACF International and Big Brothers Big Sisters. I find that pretty incredible. 

Shipping was extremely fast (it’s free too) for the five-pair trial. Arriving at my home were Town HallCoit, Subway, Bueller and Astaire. I shipped them back today, and I must say I am sad to send them all home, even the pair that made me feel more like 

If you think I’m kidding about being a Garth look alike, just wait for the evidence below. My haphazardly-straightened curly hair seals the deal. It’s humid in Virginia, ok?!

The glasses arrived neatly and securely packaged, laid out in an easily accessible way to begin trying them on.  I love that the style name is printed on the inside of the frame, just in case you’re like me and can’t remember which styles you chose!

Ready for the frame-modeling to begin? First up, we have Townhall in a dark grey. I had chosen the tortoise color but received grey. No biggie, as I liked these, especially the slight fading effect as the frames appear a lighter shade of grey towards the bottom of the lenses. 

Next up, we have Coit. Coit is cute….IF you have the right face shape and your style fits the style of the frames. I first felt a bit like Harry Potter with my big ol’ bug eyes. And then, THEN is when the image of one Mr. Garth Algar from Wayne’s World popped into my head. Way!

Subway in dark black was the largest in my five-pair trial. Subway is your classic frame but was just too overpowering on my face. 

Bueller is one of my favorites for sure. I think if I ordered this pair, I would choose the Honey color instead of the black. These glasses are full of nerdy hotness. I wore the frames to work, and lovers of all things different and unique were seriously salivating over them. Of course you were, Bueller is awesome!

The last pair, Astaire, is running neck and neck with Bueller as a potential candidate. Astaire is just a tad bit smaller frame-wise but still stands out from your run of the mill frames. I felt Astaire framed my face and eyes the best, and the Honey color went well with my hair color, eye color and skin tone. My hubby gave Astaire the nod of approval, finally jumping on the sexy, nerdy-chic bandwagon. And Miss Gabby below gave them four paws up! 

As soon as I can make a final decision on frames (and wrangle my eyeglass prescription out of my eye doctor), I will become a loyal Mezzmer customer! As if you needed more incentive after the “magically babelicious” display above (ha-HA), right now Mezzmer is offering a 10% off coupon if you “Like” them on Facebook! Seriously, could they be any more customer friendly AND cool? If Mezzmer were President, they would be “Babe-raham Lincoln”. This is gonna be a tough decision…

*Mezzmer review was provided on my own. I was so impressed with the customer service provided and the product received, I wanted to share the goods!

*Garth Algar photo found here

*Geek chic photo found here.

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