july is dressed up and playing her tune


I’ve always believed summer is a magical time, filled with its sparkling fireflies, fireworks and a birthday on lucky 7-11. BBQs, beachy, blonde waves, Friday cocktails out on the deck – pure deliciousness.

My favorite holiday has come and gone, leading up to my 31st tomorrow. I thought turning 31 might be harder than turning 30 (mostly due to the lack of sun, best buds and copious amount of Breaux wine that helped ring in the big 3-0 perfectly). But so far, I don’t feel much different. I’m not too happy with the fine lines that are starting to form under my eyes (or the hefty $400 price tag for a lil botox here and there). But so far, summer has been pretty darn good to me, and there’s a lot left of it to enjoy. So, I’ll worry about those crows feet in the fall. I’ve got birthday cocktails out on the deck to think about. 

The best things about summer so far?

Matchy-matchy bold lips and stripes.

Strolling down the streets of Deadwood, SD, iced cold beers in hand, for Wild Bill Days.

Enjoying a 4th of July morning walk with Miss Gabby.

Pup-Pup sitting Brody’s sweet brother Elvis.

Savoring a Mich Golden Light (boo..not anywhere on the East Coast) and rockin’ some ankle booties after a tour of Devil’s Tower in WY. 

“Boozy Lemons” for the most perfect 4th of July Sangria.

And just because it’s a bit “breezier” this week in Virginia, one of my favorite summer songs with a metal twist. 

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