Crop It Like It’s Hot


Birthdays mean you can do whatever you want. Dress how you want. Cry if you want to a la Lesley Gore’s hit from the 60s. Demand birthday weeks turn into a full-fledged birthday month. Whatever you want! So crop tops and birthdays are my new forever thing, a birthday tradition if you will. Best damn birthday tradition I say! Are you with me? Continue Reading

Mario and Kim – The Master Class


The past few months have been some kind of whirlwind for various reasons. Is summer like that for anyone else?  But today I’m sharing with you one of the best experiences (and batshit crazy by some people’s standards – ahem husband ahem) that’s happened this summer. I attended Mario Dedivanovic’s The Master Class with my college bestie and her medical residency bestie, and it was incredible!!! Continue Reading

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds


The Nordstrom Anniversary sale sadly ended yesterday. Whether you love it or hate it (a lot of people get sick of seeing the sale hawked from every which way), I took full advantage of the sale and scored some covet worthy items at great price points. I ordered a lot of stuff; it was raining boxes on our front porch, and I owe the UPS man big time! I only kept those items that I truly loved, and today’s post is all about why I kept what I did (and what went back immediately!) Kudos to Nordstrom for dealing with the endless returns! Continue Reading

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Refresh Your Wardrobe!


Happy Wednesday all! It’s a great week for shopping out there on the Web my friends. Not only is it Amazon Prime Day today (Yay!), but it’s also the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Eve! If you are a Nordstrom card holder, you’ve more than likely been filling your cart will all kinds of Fall fashion goodies.  Continue Reading

Monday Musings: Birthday Week!


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a lovely Holiday weekend. Please note that in real life it’s more like this today – Monday…grumble, grumble with fists and legs kicking and screaming. But I know we’re all pissed that somehow the weekend is already over, so I won’t belabor it much more. It’s actually a pretty exciting week around here because it’s my birthday week! Continue Reading