Greenhouse Charm with Old Navy

old-navy-greenhouse-charm (1 of 1)-5_psI’m a little late participating in Old Navy’s Greenhouse Charm campaign, but I didn’t see how I could try to tell you how amazing this maternity maxi dress was without a peep about the fact that I’m pregnant! Not that I think it would be weird at all to see someone without a pregnant belly buying a maternity garment. I’ve had a tank from H&M’s maternity line for years that I purchased because of its tunic-like fit. It’s one of my favorite and most worn items in my closet!

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Rodial Skincare

rodial-skincare-jenn-inspired (1 of 1)Happy Friday! The sun is finally shining, which is a welcomed change from all of the rain we’ve had this week. And even though my allergies are kicking my ass (they’ve never been this bad – it has to be my lowered immune system due to pregnancy), I’m so ready for the weekend! We’re doing a little baby shopping on Saturday and then hitting up Baltimore for brunch on Sunday with my bestie. She’s due with her second baby in two weeks!

My second trimester has brought with it some interesting “stuff”, but one of the worst has to be my off and on dry skin and random acne here and there. Whoever said glowing and immaculate skin was a perk of pregnancy must have been one lucky bitch. I have yet to experience it. So I was thrilled when Collectively reached out with an opportunity to collaborate with Rodial, a high performance skincare line based out of the UK. Founded by Maria Hatzistefanis in 1999, her line is quite expansive, addressing a wide range of skincare issues. It also has a huge celebrity following and can be found worldwide, to include here in the US!

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An Announcement!


I’ve been waiting to share the news (18-19 weeks in fact) that yes, that is a little Gremlin growing in mah belly! We lovingly refer to the baby now as little “Gremlin” since at the very beginning my husband was pretty positive the mood swings I had were extremely Gremlin like. It just took a little bit of water or food after midnight and BAM! All out rager. Luckily for all of us, that period of time didn’t last too long. We’re super excited because in all honesty, we didn’t know if this would ever happen. Continue Reading

Neo-Nautical Spring Style with Old Navy

old-navy-style-neo-nautical-2017As I write this post, the first day of Spring is showcasing chilly temps with remnants of Winter Storm Stella finally melting away. I’m sorry Mother Nature, was our enjoyment of an early spring ruffling your feathers? You had to send an icy chill to freeze over everything blooming early? The nerve! Any other time I’d be thrilled for winter weather. I live for it. But after getting used to 60 and 70 degree days, long pup walks outside and being able to crash on the deck in sunshine after work, there is no love for winter weather left in this heart of mine. And sadly as you can see, it looks more like fall than spring outside in Virginia right now. Thank goodness for spring style to help us forget this week brings us even more freezing temps!


old-navy-style-neo-nautical-2017 Old Navy feels the same about sending winter packing, kicking off spring in stores right now with their “Hi, Fashion” campaign where they “let fun be the fashion statement, versus you being the fashion statement.” Their Neo-Nautical collection is filled with tops, dresses and jackets in bright colors, bold stripes and classic looks. I was thrilled to collaborate with Old Navy, putting together some springtime looks featuring my version of Neo-Nautical style. Think different hues of blue with pops of bright white to put a twist on your classic blue and white nautical feel.


old-navy-style-neo-nautical-2017I’m a huge fan of the denim jacket, wearing the handful in my closet year round, so when I found this beauty in bright white, I knew I wanted it as the key piece in my look. It has everything I look for in a denim jacket – it’s the perfect length where it’s not too short but still shows I have a waist, the arms aren’t too fitted so I can roll the sleeves if I wish and even though it’s white (which is typically the worst possible color I can put on my body), it’s constructed with Old Navy’s new “Stay-White” denim technology which repels stains and spills so you can be as messy as you wish! I can assure you there will be plenty of opportunities for me to test this theory out and report back to you on this miracle denim fabric…sadly.


old-navy-style-neo-nautical-2017This bright blue dress with white flowers is also a new wardrobe favorite as I’m loving the fabric and fit. The fabric is a bit heavier so it keeps its shape throughout the day while still hugging your curves in all the right places without any sagging or stretching. I’ve already picked up a second version in black which can go to the office as easy as it can to the grocery store with sneakers on the weekend. I love being able to maximize my closet with pieces like this! For the taller ladies, the dresses do come in Tall. After trying on the regular length, I did pick up the dress in Tall. The overall fit was better over my hips while being a little bit longer in length. And how cute are these flats?! I’m NOT a flats wearing girl. Besides heels, I’ll wear my Minnetonka moccasins (with howling wolves…they’re awesome!) and that’s about it. But I like these! They are quite feminine and didn’t make my ankles look as thick as I thought they would! Always a plus!

A huge thanks to Old Navy for asking me to participate in this collaboration! I’ll be posting another look early next week with both Neo-Nautical and Parisian vibes. Ooh la la! Until then, you can shop these pieces and a few of my other favorite Old Navy items from this collection below!



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This post is in collaboration with OldNavy. I did receive compensation in exchange for creating this content, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Jenn Inspired ongoing!

Icy Blonde Sombre

Good hair days should be documented, agreed? Especially when there are Goddesses amongst us who can icy blonde sombré you up to perfection in under two hours. Shelby and Reidun, I bow down to your skillz ladies.

This year has flown by, and there’s so much to discuss – a trip to the Middle East, my first Beer Bloggers conference, the fact that I was mom to the cutest orange tabby cat for a 24 hour period. Sadly, I’m deathly allergic. You’ve cat to be kitten me! (Yeah, yeah…you know you love it.)

It’s been a year of serious growth, serious soul searching and serious learning. Some serious sombre shit for 2016. But let’s focus on this hair for now because it be fly as hell. Or the new love of my life, my Alexander McQueen scarf. While I never believe the outside defines the inside, this scarf gets pretty damn close. Paired with leathery-like pants, of course. Or Miss Gabby because let’s be honest, her selfie game sucks. I thought I taught her better. You don’t look in the mirror silly! Kids.

(Alexander McQueen Wool Skull and Constellation scarf, Vince sweater, Paige Verdugo Coated Denim, hair by Shelby Anderson Beauty – Find her on Style Seat! or @shelbyansersonbeauty)