Fridays in France: La Première Partie














Fridays in France…it sounds quite lovely, doesn’t it? Want to jump on a plane with me in a few hours and go back?! We can just buy everything we need there, OK? I’m already dressed like a Parisian today, so no need to change. Skinny, black jeans have become a regular thing in my wardrobe. Thank you beautiful, French ladies!

We packed a lot in to our first Paris visit, hitting the ground running the minute the plane touched town. The goal was to try and get as many touristy things in the first Paris leg so the second leg could be more relaxed and carefree. I wanted to strike this balance of seeing the can’t miss sights while having ample time to leisurely stroll the Paris streets, popping into this or that cafe for wine, cheese, bread…you name it. It sorta worked out. There’s just too many beautiful things to see and do in this city. A co-worker told me three days would be plenty and by the third day, you’d be ready to leave. Silly co-worker. Eight days wasn’t enough for me!

The sunset over the Eiffel Tower from the Montparnasse Tower will forever be one of my favorite memories. It was the first day. We were exhausted. We had serious hanger pains and were about to choke each other out. And then the sun starts to dip, the sky starts to change color, the lights of the tower start to twinkle. Everything at that moment changed for the better and set the tone for the rest of our trip. We’re in Paris. We’re in Love! We need to remember to stop and eat at the first sign of hunger or we’ll kill each other!

We returned from our trip well over a month ago, but something still tugs at my heart strings for this country. Paris especially. Upon our return, I went through a good solid week of post-vacation depression. There was just something about Paris that I missed. Still miss, actually. Another trip in the near future is a must. I could use a travel buddy!! :)

Have a Happy Halloween weekend, and don’t forget to fall back with the clocks. I am so looking forward to that extra hour of sleep!

Blushing Pleats








I have a bit of an obsession with long sleeve dresses, the more billowy the sleeve the better. I think it stems from my love of 70s fashion where my heart definitely beats faster for wide-leg bells and anything given the term “floaty”.  Add in one of the most romantic colors that exists and you have yourself the perfect little Anniversary dress. I think Blush is up there as one of my favorite colors. I’m pretty sure it was Baby’s dress in Dirty Dancing that started the Blush love affair.  The color featured predominantly in my wedding (shameless plug as there are officially two more days left in my Anniversary month, and I have to make them count!) And I have plans to incorporate the color into our home as we slowly start to remodel. OK, maybe I’m a tad obsessed. Whatever, it’s pretty!

We had a quiet Anniversary this year, still trying to pinch a few pennies after the France trip. The traditional gift for four years is flowers or fruit, so we bought each other fruit smoothies at Wegman’s in the morning on our grocery run. (Hey, sometimes it’s the little things….and they are quite delicious!)  And we went a little wild and crazy, trying Pho for the first time at a new little restaurant that has an amazing craft beer menu. We go kinda nuts for that sorta thing. Oh and of course I’m sure you noticed the perfect leather jacket is making another appearance. You can count on seeing it for a very, very long time. So far it’s the best money spent ever. Besides those smoothies.

Jacket: Madewell
Dress: Blaque Label
Boots: Sam Edelman
Bag (similar here) : F21


On Trend: Quilted


This isn’t your grandma’s quilt. This is quilt chic, and it’s popping up everywhere. You take a basic item. You add some quilting details. BOOM. You get a whole new look for your fall wardrobe that can still pair with everything else in your closet. If you’re normally trend shy, not wanting to pick up items that will be in and out quickly, items with subtle details make better trendy purchases. A black midi skirt is timeless, even with some detailing.

I can attest to the first three items. You would never know the skirt is from Forever 21. When I wear it to work, I feel like I’m wearing sweats. It’s that comfy and snuggly. The booties are the perfect height, and the subtle quilt pattern takes your basic black boot and jazzes it up a notch. And the Joggers…I purchased them on a whim because I’m not a big pants person. I was worried the extra detailing on the pants would make large thighs look even larger. But somehow it works…it works well. And I’d love to add the sweatshirt to my closet. I can see it being a layering staple this fall and winter. And great news for today – Banana Republic has 35% off everything! So it’s a good day to pull the trigger. Pick one up for dear old granny even. Quilt chic just isn’t for the young.

My Quilted Picks

The Midi Skirt
The Black Bootie
The Joggers
The Sweatshirt

Shop even more of my favorite quilted looks below. Banana Republic has gone pretty crazy for quilt, and I love it all!