Pinspiration: Paris Street Style

paris-stree-style paris-street-style paris-street-style paris-street-style paris-street-style


The trip anxiety has hit full force you guys. You think you have all this time to prepare everything – leaving things at a (hopefully) smooth sailing place at work, having everything ready for your three furbabies who you will miss tremendously, making sure your packing lists are and plans are good-to-go….and then you have 5 days left and realize you aren’t even 10% of the way there. Full. On. Panic. I know it will all come together, and whatever gets done, gets done. But shit, there’s a lot to do.

At least the 10 day weather in Paris is showing a lovely 72 degrees….a little taste of fall-like weather will be heavenly. However it makes packing a little bit harder because a heat wave could bust through that second week. Layers, layers, layers. I had a fun post planned for today, but last evening’s unexpected torrential downpours ruined my great plans. So you get a little “Pinspiration” of what I’m loving as my favorite Paris looks. Stripes, hats and neutrals. Check. Check. Check! Meanwhile, any tips for de-stressing before your vacation? It feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest.



(French) Classics: Bensimon Sneakers



bensimon-sneakers-jenn-inspired The Bensimon sneakers, in my mind, are the girly alternative to Chuck Taylors. And by saying that I mean I’m not cool enough for Chucks. I picked up my first pair of Bensimons a few years ago at Madewell, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Each time I slip them on, I do feel a little bit French – effortlessly cool and chic. At least that’s what I expect to be witness to in one week’s time – beautiful French women walking around in your basic wardrobe staples looking one million times cooler than you and me will ever be. Unless you pick up a pair of these super chic shit kickers. Because then you’ll be almost as cool as the French. Well…maybe.

Anyhoo, these puppies are oh so versatile. I toss them on with my denim boyfriend shorts, summer sundresses and ankle jeans in the summer. They wear very well. You can throw them in the washer and dryer with ease, and they come out looking brand-spankin’ new. If you’re walking long distances, I’d personally recommend you toss in a comfort insole. And yes you didn’t ask, but I am 80 years old. My feet hurt sometimes, ok? And I’m past the point of walking around for long periods of time in shoes that kill my feet. It makes me crabby. And the last thing I want to be is crabby while walking around the most romantic city ever. So I’ll be sporting my Bensimons next week with super comfy insoles. Shhh….please don’t tell those beautiful French women I’m cheating!


Monday Musings: Paris Is Always a Good Idea

paris-is-always-a-good-idea I can’t believe it. The realization that the hubs and I are about one week away from our two week trip to France finally hit hard this weekend. OMG. France. Paris. Wine. Wine. Wine. OMG!!! I definitely have some nervous, anxious and excited jitters going on. I’ve picked up some of this in the hopes that for once in my life I can sleep on a plane. I’m not counting on it working but fingers crossed. Maybe my super awesome eye mask will have me sawing logs in no time. After copious amounts of the bubbly, of course! And I’m packing light for the first time ever, I’m serious! I’m going to be the queen of mixing and matching basics. I may not even toss in a pair of heels…oh hell, who am I kidding. Just one pair. One. Pair. I have all of these ideas in my head on what Paris and the French countryside will be like. I’m sure I’ve built it up to be much more glamorous in my mind, as I tend to do with things. But I vow to love it no matter what. It will be a different trip for us, playing “fast and loose” as the husband calls it. Meaning, nothing is set. Nothing is planned. This is my kind of vacation…but not really his. Is it bad I’m a little excited to see him have to relax and be flexible?! Oh the horror!

You can follow along via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We touch down next Thursday morning! I promise I won’t rub in all the wine drinking, cheese munching and picture perfect scenery too much! I’ve been asked to limit my phone use, and I’m perfectly happy to oblige. Actually sitting across from one another and talking to each other without phones in hand could be awfully romantic…or awful…no, awfully romantic!! Let’s go with that!

I know you aren’t going along with me (enter sadface), but the below links will put you in the mood for love and all things glamorous. Just like Paris will be. Definitely.

This is Glamorous. This is my very favorite blog in the entire world. I stumbled across it more than a few years back, and I can never ever get enough. If you are ever in need of inspiration or even just something lovely to look at, this blog is a masterpiece.

The Stars Align. A little lesser known fact about me – I’m somewhat of an astrology buff. I don’t plan my day-to-day events around the locations of this or that planet. But it’s fun, and I think there’s a little something to it. Call me crazy. Call me a quack. You won’t hurt my feelings. You won’t be the first.  These ladies are two of my favorites. I especially enjoy their love horoscopes. And Wendell, the Love Dachshund.

Kissy, Kissy. The very best places to get your kissy face on in Paris. Oui, oui!

True Love Always Conquers.These two are back together. All is right again in the world. I heart Dlisted.

Velvety Smooth: As of late, I’m finding myself turning into a huge perfume junkie. I’ve always had a signature sent for each season, but I’m feeling wild and crazy lately, wanting to mix it up practically everyday. I gravitate toward musky, woody, spicy scents. I may or may not be wearing a sample of Light Blue Pour Homme today…yeah not the women’s version. And I’m loving it. I’m also loving this twist on Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. Just as lovely as the Black but a bit more wearable for everyday. Still a “stop you in mid-walk, what are you wearing” type of scent. Yum.

 image via the bellaprintshop

How To: Order Wine





Wine. Yum.

I could end the post right there, but I won’t since it took some serious skillz to create the above diagram for you. Lucky for me (and you!) my day job has turned me into somewhat of a powerpoint expert with a sprinkle of photoshop on top. Good times. So yes, wine. We love to drink wine, right? My college bestie and I are known as the “one more bottle” girls (or OMBGs if you prefer) because we always need just one. more. bottle. Makes perfect sense, right? Most of those around us are usually quite certain another bottle is NOT what we need and it just means loads of trouble, which is pretty much the case each and every time. A little extra glass (or bottle) of wine never hurt no body. Don’t be jealous. We just wear our big girl pants when we drink. Suckas!

Alright so we already know drinking wine equals much happiness. But the ordering of the wine…sometimes the ordering process can be a bit intimidating. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a beau that is a walking wine atlas (don’t hate because my hubby is a wine snob). But maybe you’re not. And maybe without your living and breathing snobby wine atlas around, you get a little uncertain when you’re handed this gigantic book of vinos from around the world. Just. Don’t. Panic. You can do it! Take it step by step and narrow the list down based on food preference, table preference, glass vs. bottle preference and price preference. Once you hit those basics, it makes the ordering process less scary. And you’ll probably end up with something you’ll enjoy instead of gulping it down because well, you paid so much for it. When all else fails and the list gets the better of you, ask for a recommendation. Most in-house sommeliers are chomping at the bit to provide you insight into their favorite wines. Just keep in mind, if you end up being a “one more bottle” girl or guy yourself that evening, save your pennies and go for the cheap. You don’t want to throw down some serious coin for a delicious wine you won’t remember in the morning. Trust me, I’m a tried and true OMBG. The only thing you’ll be “remembering” when the sun rises is why multiple, bass drumming rabbits are running through your head. Yep, It’s the one. more. bottle curse. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

The Hunt for the Perfect Blonde


the-perfect-blonde-jenn-inspired Hello I’m Jenn, and I’m obsessed with blondes. I’m an addict, a junkie, a fanatic. And lately, I can’t be blonde enough. This love affair with the fair-haired started at a very early age. Barbie, Madison from Splash, Madonna and Keri Russell aka Chloe from Malibu Shores (before her Felicity days). All some of my very favorite blonde idols. Don’t worry brunettes and reds, there’s a special place in my heart for you too. I even tried out the red hot, redhead locks for a while. But for me, it always comes back to being blonde.

I’ve been every shade under the sun since the late 90′s – strawberry, golden, platinum, yellow, orangey (not by choice), surfer chick, dirty. You name it. And my hair was the perfect shade of blonde on my wedding day, which I guess if you can have the perfect blonde on any one day of your life, your wedding day is the best day you could ask for. It was mesmerizing perfection, and I miss it so. #firstworldhairproblems

I’m going through the process now of returning to those lovely, platinum locks and it’s been nothing but one failed dye job after another of the brassy door knob variety rather than bleachy blonde beautiful. My ass is getting tired of salon chair hopping, and I’m sure each stylist is getting tired of seeing the disappointed look on my face once the last lock is dried. Truth – you don’t even need to read my face to know what I’m feeling. It radiates off of me, off of every inch. I make a horrible poker player.

It’s a long and arduous process, this never ending search for the perfect blonde. Blondies, do you feel me? It shouldn’t be this difficult, am I right?